Home Staging​

Home Staging involves emphasizing the positive features of your home and downplaying the negative features. It does not require you to do major renovations or to spend a fortune on new furniture. The goal is to create a customized look and great first impression, so buyers will fall in love with your home! 

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Staging Consultation

and Report ​

This consultation is designed to give you all the objective, expert advice,  in the form of a staging report, that you need in order to do the staging work yourself. It includes:

  • Phone interview to assess your goals 
  • Research of your target market.
  • On-Site Staging Consultation: 1.5 to 2 hours, which includes a walk through assessment of your home and outdoor space.  
  • Creation of a staging checklist/report  for each space, utilizing the 8 step FEEL HOME  design process. 


Pre-Move Organizing

Preparing your home to sell can be overwhelming and exhausting. If you need assistance with de-cluttering and packing, you may be interested in

Organizing Services.  

Occupied Home

Half-Day Staging

Feeling overwhelmed with preparing your home to sell?

 This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves, following the detailed Staging Report and working together to start staging the main areas of the home right away. 

 You won't believe the difference a few hours makes just using what you already own! 

This service can take up to 4 hours in the home plus 2 hours planning/prep time.

This service is also great for preparing your home for MLS photos and your open house. 

***************************   Occupied Home

Full-Day Staging

Do you have a larger home with more than a few hours of work that needs to be done? No Problem!

This service simply extends our time together to include a day of rolling up our sleeves, and following our detailed Staging Report to stage your home.

This service can take up to 7 hours in the home plus 2 hours of planning/prep time.

Vacant Home Staging and 

Vacant Home Staging Light

The need to stage a vacant home is more critical then for a furnished home. Our goal will be to add enough home furnishings in order to give the space a warm, open and comfortable feel that gives the buyers a frame of reference and fuels their imagination.

Vacant homes can be fully staged or staged only in the main living areas. 

This service includes: 

  • Consultation/assessment of home
  • Design plan and furniture/accessory rental arrangements 
  • Staging Day
  • De-staging day

The design/staging plan will take into consideration the architecture and style of your home; as well as your budget .


Vacant Home Staging Light

Vacant Home Staging Light  is a service that adds a small amount of decor such as flower arrangements, kitchen/bath towels, art, etc. to a home to make the home feel more warm and welcoming rather than empty and uninviting.

In a 2018 HSR study of over 4200 staged homes...

85% of the homes surveyed sold for

6 - 25% more

than their un-staged neighbor's home!


A study done by IAHSP and stagedhomes.com found that 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less, compared to 90 days for unstaged homes.


Consultation & Staging Report -- $250

Occupied Home Half-Day Staging -- $250

Occupied Home Full-Day Staging --  $500

Vacant Home Staging and Vacant Home Staging Light  -- Contact Dawn  for quote

Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Home