Clutter, lack of space and chaotic environments can be both overwhelming and disruptive to our lives.  Organizing is a powerful tool to bring a sense of satisfaction, a calm environment and peace of mind.   Organizing is much more than simply buying plastic bins, labels and file folders. Effective organizing involves a process of:

  1.  Assessing/Analyzing the specific causes of our disorganization
  2. Creating a strategic and detailed plan for getting and staying organized 
  3. Implementing the plan that is specific to your needs and personality so you can not only get organized, but also create a system that will work for you for years to come

"Organizing is the process by which we create environments that enable us to live, work, and relax exactly as we want to. When we are organized our homes, offices, and schedules reflect and encourage who we are, what we want, and where we are going. " 

 -Julie Morgenstern, Organizing From the Inside Out


  • Assessment of your personal organizing goals and challenges, creation of a strategic organizing plan and implementation of a plan that is specific to your needs
  • Decluttering
  • Creating personalized organizing systems
  • Sorting items to donate, sell or discard


  • Eliminating clutter
  • Creating more space
  • Creating  a calm, relaxing environment
  • Designing a space that reflects who you are and what is important to you
  • Creating a more efficient and streamlined space to reduce stress


  • Decluttering your home to sell
  • Assistance with packing prior to your move, and unpacking at your new home 
  • Helping you implement a system of organization in your new home


Organizing  Services: $30 per hour

Senior Tra​nsition Services: $ 30 per hour

Senior Transitions Services

It can feel overwhelming and exhausting when you are a senior and faced with the transitions of downsizing for a smaller living space, moving to a senior living community or moving into your adult child's home. Sorting through the possessions and decades of memories of a loved one you have lost can feel too difficult to do on your own. The stress of these life transitions can be lessened by having someone who can assist you, not only with the physical tasks, but who is also compassionate and understanding of the emotional process involved.

Senior Transitions Services:

-Assistance with sorting items to donate, discard or sell

-Decluttering home to sell

-Creating an inventory of items for sale

-Packing prior to your move and unpacking in your new home

-Home organizing


-Assistance with contacting and coordination of agencies that provide consignment sale services, estate sale services and moving services