What our customers are saying

Dawn is wonderful. I was decorating a 'vacation home' and she listened to my needs, gave positive feedback and made great suggestions on how to make the house and home.

Thanks Dawn!

Debb Childs 

   Project Date: April 2018     

Since I left my beloved organizer in Seattle, I've been looking for someone in Prescott to fill her shoes. Enter Dawn. She​ has both the organizing and empathy chops necessary to help you get the job done AND feel good about it. And she does it all in a very easy-going manner where the focus is on you.

Erica Ryberg

Project Date: June 2018

I moved across the country a year ago, downsizing considerably. But my new life in Prescott is very different from my previous life on a Midwestern farm. My beautiful little house here was full of cluttered closets, unhung artwork, and unpacked boxes form my move. Dawn's help -- her strategies, ideas, support, and good humor -- have allowed my Real Home to emerge. My closets are organized. My rooms have systems that I can maintain. We have a couple more rooms to go, but things move quickly. I finally get to have the home I've always wanted. This is money so very well spent.

Organizing Client

Project Date: September 2018