Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a service that allows for digital photos of empty rooms to be "virtually" staged and styled with furniture, accessories and decor. This attracts buyers online and helps them to imagine how their potential home might look once they move in. Virtual staging creates an emotional connection with the home for the buyer. This doesn't happen when a buyer looks at photos of an empty, uninviting home. Virtual Staging can grab a potential buyer's attention by showcasing the home's best features, and creates a great first impression. 

According to the National Association of Re​altors:

90% of buyers use the internet to search for homes


Over 77% of buyers find it "easier to visualize the property as their future home" when it's staged

The process is simple.

1.  Submit digital photos of your vacant room(s).

2. Your photos are returned to you virtually styled/designed with furniture and decor.

It's that easy!

For  realtors and sellers in the Prescott Quad City area there are also photo print displays available. For the greatest impact you can order prints of your virtually staged photos to display in the home.  This will refresh the memory of potential buyers during showings of the home and during an open house. 

An Empty Room

An empty space and vacant home feel cold, uninviting and can appear smaller than their actual size.  Virtual staging fills the space, giving buyers a better idea of the shape and size of a room.

An empty room​ becomes a...

 Guest Bedroo​m

Virtual Staging is a great way to help buyers visualize the potential of a room.  A virtually staged room gives off a feeling of warmth and life. It allows buyers to see themselves living in the home. 

An empty room becomes a...

 Reading Room

Virtual Staging is an affordable way to catch the attention of potential buyers and to create interest in the property.

An empty room becomes a...

Children's Playroom

Virtual Staging gives a potential buyer a preview of what their life could look like in their new home, and a vision of a lifestyle.

An empty room becomes an...


Virtual Staging offers you the option of staging any number of rooms, and to stage rooms with multiple styles and     func​tions, in order to provide a vision for a variety of potential buyers.

Vir​tual Staging

$50  per image

Vacant room digital photographs virtually staged and styled with furniture and decor.

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Photo Display 

$100  20 x 30 photo print and display easel

 Includes a photo print and display easel delivered to Realtor's office or to the property location (Cost of virtually staging the photo is not included).  The photo is printed on photo poster board.

*Available only for Realtors and Sellers in Casper, WY.

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